On this page, you'll find a short list of ChromeHeart studio recordings we've re-recorded with our new singer Josh Hodge, as well as my own music.  Click any of the links to download the songs or right click and "save as".

ChromeHeart Originals

Blue Nakedness

Terrible Then Fiction

Gave it All

Check out our MySpace Page for more updates, info and show schedules.  If you'd like us to play a show for you, feel free to contact via a myspace email or email us at Chromeheartband@yahoo.com

My Stuff

These songs are made using backing tracks from a fellow Carvin forum member Brian Kornaker.  Big thanks to Brian for letting me use his phenomenal backing tracks!  I'll be looking forward to more to add to the collection!

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Song 4

Song 5

Chill to This

Brian's Other Heavy Song

In the Key of Kornaker

These others are from random backing tracks I found elsewhere on the internet.

Funky Jam

Something Slower

Tasty's Treat

Strawberry Fields